Nurturing creativity – Home School Journal

As a child, I had a deep passion for art, finding it therapeutic and a means of exploring new worlds with my imagination. The desire to experiment with various artistic endeavours always intrigued me. Eventually, I had the opportunity to share this enchantment with future minds when I was offered a position as an art teacher at a homeschooling environment that values and nurtures creativity. Commencing with the fundamentals, I encouraged students to embrace the concept that simplicity often holds more significance. Starting with primary colours, I provided them with minimal materials to instil the habit that less can be more. 

Over the past three months, the students have evolved into adept creators, mastering the art of mixing colours to enhance their artistic landscapes. Our initial project involved blending dark hues to craft galaxies on canvas using sponges.

For the subsequent phase, I introduced quarter circles for the young artists to create planetary orbits. The children enthusiastically selected multi-coloured buttons for each of their eight planets and skilfully sewed them onto their artworks. 

May 2024

Capturing Memories in Resin: My Journey as a Passionate Artist


In a world filled with mass-produced trinkets and impersonal gifts, there is something truly magical about holding a handmade keyring that carries a piece of my heart. Hi, I’m Maryam, and I’ve embarked on an extraordinary journey of creating personalized resin keyrings that capture cherished memories and evoke emotions. Through my unique blend of creativity and craftsmanship, I have discovered a captivating way to preserve fleeting moments in time.

A Creative Awakening:

My love for art blossomed at an early age as I spent countless hours engrossed in coloring books and experimenting with various mediums. As I grew older, my interest shifted towards painting, and I found solace in expressing myself through vibrant watercolors. However, I soon realized that watercolors alone couldn’t provide the lasting keepsakes I desired.

The Birth of Resin Art:

Undeterred by this setback, I embarked on a quest to find a medium that could preserve my paintings and transform them into something tangible and durable. That’s when I stumbled upon the world of resin art. Resin, with its glossy finish and ability to encase delicate creations, proved to be the missing piece of the puzzle for my artistic vision.

The Journey Begins:

Armed with my newfound passion for resin, I began exploring different surfaces to paint on. I experimented with canvas and wood, but it was my foray into keyring making that truly ignited my imagination. Each keyring became a tiny canvas, where I meticulously poured my heart and soul into capturing memories, places, and emotions.

The Poetry of Resin:

My love for poetry seamlessly merged with my artwork. Inspired by old memories, enchanting landscapes, and deep emotions, I started incorporating fragments of meaningful verses into my keyring designs. The fusion of visual art and written word created an ethereal charm, transforming each keyring into a poetic memento.

Colorful Gradients and Personalized Touch:

One of the signature elements of my keyrings is my skillful use of color gradients. I have honed the art of blending hues seamlessly, creating captivating transitions that mimic the ever-changing shades of life. This technique, combined with my attention to detail, results in truly personalized and enchanting keyrings that hold a unique story within.

Preserving Old Memories:

My keyrings have become more than mere decorative accessories; they have become vessels of nostalgia. By immortalizing old memories and cherished places, I allow my customers to carry a piece of their past with them wherever they go. From childhood homes to favorite vacation spots, my creations breathe life into faded recollections, making them tangible once again.

Spreading Joy, One Keyring at a Time:

What began as a personal journey of self-expression quickly gained recognition, and my resin keyrings found their way into the hearts and hands of people all over the world. Each keyring became a conduit of joy, evoking smiles and sparking conversations. Through my art, I have discovered a profound sense of fulfillment in knowing that my creations have the power to touch lives and create lasting connections.


My journey as an artist has been nothing short of extraordinary. Through my passion for painting, my ingenuity in working with resin, and my ability to infuse poetry into my creations, I have created a niche for myself in the realm of personalized resin keyrings. With every stroke of my brush and pour of resin, I continue to weave together memories and emotions, spreading the magic of art and love to all who encounter my exquisite creations.